Favourite Pictures Snapped!

In 2012 I went to France and stayed at a friends home for 2 weeks. It was the first time I had been abroad for some years and it was also the first time on my own since I was in my 20’s. My friend had to work so I spent many days and hours wandering around the local countryside and villages. My absolute favourite place was this lake on the edge of her village of Caylus in the Tarn-et-Garonne region. It was called Lac du Labarthe. It was here that I started sketching, painting and writing.

In 2013, after travelling up through Eastern Europe, I reached Poland and the main goal on this trip...to visit some of the Nazi extermination camps. I went to both Auschwitz 1  and Auschwitz 2 (Birkenau). One has to actually visit them as pictures alone are just not good enough. At Birkenau I stood on the platform just as all those thousands did before me. I then walked back towards the woods to visit the only remaining gas chamber (this picture).

It will stay with me forever.

I have visited the Bodrum peninsular of Turkey many times and have spent a lot of days just ambling along the various coastal resort areas nearly always out of season when they are more or less deserted. When people leave at the end of  the holiday season a lot of dogs are cast onto the street to fend for themselves until the owners return for the next summer season. On one such occasion in the Gumbet bay area I was followed by a pack of these discarded family dogs. Twilight was descending as the sun set slowly over the sea. To my left the beach had piles of sand that had been thrown up in recent storms. As I stood there two of the dogs ran up onto one of the mounds of sand. With the sun slowly setting in the background I quickly brought my phone up to eye level and took this shot. To me it is priceless and totally captures the time.

I have spent a lot of time travelling around Morocco. Nearly all of this was done using local transport (this to satisfy my desire to mix with local cultures). It was on one such journey that I took this picture. It was in the North East of Morocco on a bus travelling between Fez and Chefchaouen. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this lake out of the bus window. It was almost like a mirage. I quickly lifted my phone up and took the pic.

It turned out to be a lake called ‘Barrage El Wahda’.

This picture is of a beautiful countryside of deep blue still waters, rolling hills, forests and villages. The giveaway to this not being a western Europe setting may be the building in the foreground. Could that in any way exist in the lush English Lake District for more than a few hours...no! I also took this from a local bus and I absolutely will go back there and explore the region in greater depth. It is the amazing country of Bosnia and the beautiful Jablanicko Jezero, west of Sarajevo.

Imagine the setting if you will. I am in the old village of Kotor that lies within the beautiful Bay of Kotor on the coast of Montenegro. On my list of things to see is the not very famous Cat Museum.

After having a look inside I went outside and took a picture of it for my records. I then stood there and was considering what to do next when...yes, as you can see, a cat strolled across the square and headed towards it. I waited, and sure enough, it went in. I hope it got in free. Fecking priceless.